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Where to read all about it...
Where to read all about it...

Sharon's rap sheet, From Qibya to Jenin

Doubting Thomas Fraudulent.

From Nicola Nasser:

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Between the Lines
by Ahmed Amr
nileMedia.com Editor

Amos and Ahmed [Archives]


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    The New York Times, the Daily Ruse.

    the Abu Ghraib Files

    Remembering Srebrenica...

    Video of the war crimes in Fallujah

    How Judith Miller and James Bamford Sold the War

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    Encyclopedia of Palestinian Charities on the Net. Click [here] to get a list of some of them.


    This site gives you free access to the very best Palestinian writers. This is where you will find the well articulated views of the illustrious Edward Said, Hannan Ashrawi and Feisal Husseni.

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