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December 4, 2000
Gore should resign as Vice President
By Ahmed Amr.

Gore is the kind of man who is willing to win at any price. He is exactly the kind of man we don't need as president. After losing in three vote tallies and the Supreme Court, Gore is still scurrying around for a fifth attempt at becoming president through whatever legal ruse necessary. This is a level of arrogance fit for those who fancy themselves Royal Pretenders to the thrones of Romania or Albania. Not in America, pal.

I am not at all complaining about having ringside seats to the spectacle of a sitting Vice President making a fool of himself. The longer he drags this out, the easier it will be for Bush to gain legitimacy and get on with the business of America. To an America that loves entertainment, Gore has offered a comic spectacle that will be minted into seven or eight screen plays, some with sequels. Thanks, Al. Bye

Many Americans believe the Lewinsky affair ranked as more adult entertainment. But when you consider that Al Gore was the lead man in this adolescent comic tragedy, this stuff is solid pulp fiction.

At his point, Al Gore should not only concede the Presidency, he should also resign as Vice President. Its only a couple of months. But that’s way too long. At the very minimum he should take a long vacation and not bother to show up for the inaugaration.

This is a man who stands accused of breaking existing campaign finance laws. His campaign turned a blind eye to "vote exchanging" schemes that were an overt attempts to manipulate the Electoral College vote. Besides, he is as responsible as any American politician for the corruption of our money infested political process. Thanks to Al and his cronies, three billion-dollar campaigns have already made a mockery of each and every election in America. Indeed, no one should forget that Al "the solicitor" Gore became the Democratic Party candidate on the merits of his political purse.

At this stage of the game, Gore can choose to inflict a little retribution against the Democratic Party for not backing him all the way. He can blame Nader for this self-inflicted humiliation. Whatever he does, he had better accept Bush as his President and then find a hole to crawl into.


  January 3, 2001