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December 2, 2000
Thomas Friedman's Joystick
By Ahmed Amr.

(RE: Thomas Friedman's column, NYT Dec 2, 2000)

Guess who was having a wet dream when he wrote the following words. "Israel will attack every Syrian tank and missile battery inside Lebanon. But in order to do that Israeli jets will also have to destroy the Syrian radar and missile batteries just inside Syria that also cover Lebanese Airspace. The (sic) means a Middle East war. Goodbye, Syria. Goodbye, Nasdaq. Hello, oil crisis."

Nice guess, but it wasn't Sharon or Barak? It was Thomas L. Friedman writing in the New York Times, an ethnic daily journal that caters to a large Jewish readership in the United States. Forget about the piss poor quality of the writing. This moron is trying to say something.

You can see the drool on Friedman's face when he penned the following lines addressed to the President of Syria: "Bashar, did your late father ever tell you what Barak did last year? One night, it was about 3 a.m., Israeli F-15 fighter jets, using Israeli-designed electronic countermeasures and laser-guided smart rockets, flew into Lebanon in the dark of night and blew up 10 tanks belonging to your Palestinian guerrilla pal Ahmed Jabril. Do you know how many rockets the Israeli jets fired in the dark to knock out those 10 tanks? Eleven. Do you know how accurate that is? You couldn't score that high in Nintendo."

There goes little Tommy Friedman again, comparing a murderous war with Nintendo.

Someone should take the joystick out of his hand before he hurts himself. There is more from this freak of a journalist who has somehow landed a permanent place on the editorial pages of the New York Times (the daily ruse). Friedman boasts about IDF military might like an adolescent Israeli who has swallowed whole the complete Encyclopedia of Zionist mythology. Fancying himself at the head of the assault, Friedman blabbers the following lines "Many Israeli generals believe Israel's deterrence capability has been badly eroded and they may need to put on a real sound and light show that will demonstrate to the whole region just how sophisticated its air force has become." I bet he had his toy helmet on when he wrote those lines.

If Friedman is that desperate for a 'sound and light' show, he can wait for the fourth of July. But that would be a little too American for this brand of ethnic journalist. The thing about Friedman is that he is an erratic chameleon. One day he is giving sincere advice to Arafat. The next day you find Friedman condoning Israeli violence against unarmed Palestinians resisting the brutal IDF military occupation. The same IDF Friedman uses as an altar for his wet dreams.

The New York Times has always had an open podium for this kind of blatant pro-Israeli advocacy. Now, in the great tradition of Randolph Hearst, it wants to start a war in the Middle East. As a party to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, when the New York Times wants a war in the Middle East, it gets a war going. Memo to: Thomas Friedman. In a real war, the other guy fires back.


  January 3, 2001