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November 6, 2000
Don't blame me, I voted for Nader.
By Ahmed Amr.

The election is over. That Al Gore has yet to concede, is great comfort to those who voted for Bush out of doubts about the character of his opponent. Gore and the few Gorista's still rallying around him show just how deeply warped the Democratic party has become. This is the party that somehow found no alternative to Al Gore, the only candidate capable of losing to George Bush.

Only the corporate media pundits are left to argue about who won. They can't help themselves. After a lackluster voting season in which only 40 million Americans showed up for the presidential debates, they can't believe the turn of events that gave them the best ratings since the Gulf War. And the talking heads will not give up this market share without a fight.

Al Gore has gone down and taken the feeble Democratic Party with him. Perhaps the greatest canard still being promoted by Gore is that he actually won the popular vote. Closer scrutiny to the 'vote-trading' scheme hatched by the Gore campaign indicates that the Democratic party hacks have perpetrated the first on-line election fraud in American history. This from the same folks who could not abide two machine counts.

A bit of background. In the last four weeks of the presidential campaign the desperate Goristas launched a series of vote-trading sites around the country aimed at luring away Nader votes. The idea was to rig the electoral college vote by giving Nader voters a fictional second choice. A Nader voter would vote for Gore in Oregon. In return, a Gore voter would vote for Nader in Texas.

The Polls prior to the election indicated that Nader had locked up one in ten votes in Oregon. The actual returns were one in twenty-five. It is safe to conclude that tens of thousands of the 'Nader' votes vanished to Gore, many lured by the 'on-line' vote trading schemes. A question arises about how many 'Nader' votes were actually delivered by the Goristas in Texas. A safe bet is that many of these phantom vote-trading Goristas still voted for Gore in Texas. And Oregon is but one example of a charade that targeted Nader voters in all fifty states.

Nader and the Green Party went out of their way to condemn the on-line vote trading. While the Gore campaign maintained a pretense of ignorance and innocence about the vote-trading scams. At the very same time, the DNC was launching an intensive star studded full-scale frontal assault on Nader and the Green Party.

Considering that DNC operatives nullified the vote of American military personnel stationed overseas. Is it not entirely possible that the same folks are capable of setting up phantom on-line voters to exchange votes with live Nader voters?

We already have a money-infested process of electing Senators and Presidents. As if $3 billion dollars in campaign spending was not enough to taint a process that had already given us the miserable choice of voting for Bush to retire Al Gore. Is it really necessary to further corrupt the process by using cyber sleuths?

As for the hand count business. Since the pundits are still hanging on to the carcass of that stillborn argument, let them answer one simple question. If a hand count of an overseas military ballot designed for hand counting is something that the Democrats can deliberately tamper with, why should we trust them with a hand count of ballots designed for machine counting? Bush won. We need to get down to the business of living under his presidency for four years. Don't blame me. I voted for Nader. Just glad Gore is Gone.



  January 3, 2001