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February 9, 2000
An urgent call to Europe

By Ahmed Amr,


Hello, do I have European-Arabs on the line? Sorry to call collect, just wanted to save my own dime. Forget it, it’s an Arab-American joke you wouldn’t understand. Anyhow, don’t expect me to do anything about that war criminal Sharon. He has Ted Turner and Sulzberger and Rupert Murdoch and their crews hard at it. I am talking some real heavy artillery. That Murdoch fella has every ex-politician on his pay roll as a consultant. Rumor has it that Bill Gates will shortly join Murdoch in forming a mega media empire to repackage war criminals for the "global information market". I tell you, these titans know their business. They have done a remarkable job of sanitizing Sharon. They have little clips of him riding a tractor with his grandchildren through bucolic fields of clover.

I am just wondering, is it possible you could bring up the subject of Sharon with your governments? You know. Like that Spanish judge did to Pinochet when he was in an English hospital. Could you do it soon? before Sharon dispatches thousands of Palestinians to the inadequate hospitals of the West Bank and Gaza? The Israeli Sabras and Israeli Shatilas are braying for more Palestinian blood. So, this is sort of urgent.

Hear me out, citizens of France and Holland, you Europeans of Arab descent can make a huge contribution to the cause of the Palestinian freedom by immediately taking action against Ariel Sharon. You can demand that laws be passed in Europe to make it a crime to deny the expulsion and dispossession of the Palestinian people from their native land. A similar law was recently passed to remind the world of the Turkish crimes against the Armenians. We need similar French laws to address the crimes committed against the Chechens, the Bosnians, the Palestinians and the Kosovars. Let France set a standard that this generation of American politicians cannot hope to do because of a basic lack of moral fiber and the constant groping for campaign funds. For American politicians, Arabs in the Middle East are valued based on the price of oil and the size of political contributions from the Israeli lobby. After years of Bill and Hillary, that should be perfectly obvious.

As an American-Arab, who loves both America and the people of the Middle East, I need to also advise the Arabs of the Middle East and Europe to forget the quaint notion of American goodwill. You can expect that from an American tourist, but most American politicians are a low breed that can be bought and sold like any common whore. And do not count on feckless Arab-Americans, who despite being the second wealthiest Arab community in the world, will not spend a brass farthing to take up the cause of their oppressed brethren in the Middle East. They sit in majestic upper middle class splendor and care only if they are personally offended. And it takes heaps of scorn to offend this particular community of Americans, who seem to accept derision from the media titans without so much as a squirm. This is a divided and distracted community that has bowed its head and refused to do its duty to both America and to the cause of bringing peace, justice and freedom to the people of the Middle East.

It does not help that the men who rule America have been lobbied into posturing as rabid anti-Arab haters for the sake of the collection plate. And the low breed of racist moral morons who dominate the media think nothing of dispatching another generation of Palestinians to the killing fields designed by men like Sharon. American "journalists" are in it for the money and the career. The notion of taking up the cause of a battered people is just alien to their very essence.

If you doubt my words, just recall the amount of overt public bigotry unleashed by Hillary Clinton to buy a New York Senate seat. Think of the ‘Rich’ crimes that were pardoned in exchange for serious campaign coin. Just watch a few hours of FOX NEWS and CNN. Go on, you are already on the internet, check out the New York Times and get a daily dose of the poison they churn out for everything Arab and Muslim.

Now a word for those who have inherited the power to rule the Arab people. Your governments, as inadequate as they are at the task of governing, as illegitimate as they are in their right to govern, need to request some very straight forward answers from the United States about whether this American administration intends to build its policies on the vile and racist Israeli version of the historical record.

The State Department has two sets of books on the subject of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Out of self-respect, you should insist on using a single set of historical records and a single set of standards for valuing Arab and Israeli lives. These are absurdly minimal requirements. At some point in the near future, many of you Arab leaders will likely be seeking shelter in Los Angeles and Geneva. I suggest you raise the question of anti-Arab bigotry in American foreign policy before the time comes to move closer to take refuge next to your bank accounts. For, you will eventually see that what the American foreign policy establishment cooks for them is also eventually force fed to Americans of Arab heritage. I would not be daft enough to ask Arafat or any other Arab leader to think of his people. But since they and their progeny are destined to join me in my North American exile, I think it only proper that they make appropriate arrangements to allow them to live free of constant racial harassment by the media titans and incessant derision from the Federal Government’s State Department.

So take a little advice from an old Arab-American who knows the score on this side of the pond. The Jewish lobby has completely infiltrated the ranks of the State Department and when an Arab leader bows to an American envoy’s arm-twisting; he will be bowing down to Sharon. And those who dare to have any dealings with Sharon had better not be bowing, for the sake of their children.