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November 05, 2003
Keep Cal Thomas Away From Your Kids

By Ahmed Amr.


"If you have never read Cal Thomas before, check him out. He's the closest thing to a real-life Nazi on the op-ed page: a Hitler Youth with a bowl-cut, mustache, and what appears to be a condescending sneer on his lips." J. Edward Tremlett

Cal Thomas is the kind of deviant religious bigot who spices his writings with derogatory remarks about "those who take orders from Allah, who wants all infidels dead". (Cal Thomas, July 31,2000 Jewish World Review). If he is in a particularly vicious mood, which is every other article, he will throw in a word about "murderous Islam" that he assures his readers has "a devine mandate to destroy the West".

A word about Cal Thomas's religion. The man is a zealot who believes in a unique from of 'Zionist' Christianity, a cult that longs for the fulfillment of "the ancient prophesies that foretell Armageddon." To demonstrate his deep longing for Armageddon; which is always just around the corner; He quotes Oscar Hammerstein "But it's coming, by God. You can feel it come; you can feel it in your heart, you can see it in the ground, you can see it in the trees; you can smell it in the breeze."

Cal Thomas is free to believe whatever he wants to believe. The problem is that a nut like Cal Thomas does not want to just sit back and wait for Armageddon to take its own time coming. He wants to be an active agent in making it happen. The old depraved fool, with one foot in the grave, wants to make it happen quickly so he can get to watch it with his grand kids on CNN. Wolf Blitzer, having fulfilled his part of the deal to 'go back in the Holy Land with his people', will presumably be on hand to give a blow by blow account of this divinely inspired show of "shock and awe".

This is how the cosmos works for fundamentalist extremists like Cal. According to this cult, the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 was a good thing, but not enough of a good thing. He wants the rest of them out of the Holy Land; Christian Palestinians included. Next, he wants all the Jews of the world to pick up and go back to "where they came from" because according to this school of "Christian Zionism", that is another specific requirement for 'the last days'.

Now, I don't care if Cal Thomas believes the earth is flat as long as he doesn't advocate the use of our nuclear arsenal to flatten it. But as a Christian Zionist, he feels no qualms about asking our government and the government of Israel to get the ball rolling, so we can hasten the coming of Armageddon. Note that this bigot is a big 'hit' with the right wing Likud crowd in the American Jewish Press. They have different "faith traditions", but both want the natives of Palestine to find somewhere else to live. Or somewhere else to die.

First things first. To enhance his spiritual experience, to confirm his 'faith tradition', Cal Thomas wants the American and Israeli government to exile the Arabs. "It should now be clear that Israel cannot tolerate a huge Arab population within its borders, so a political decision must be made. Most Arabs and Palestinians appear to be nonviolent but it can be difficult to tell the difference...Israel should declare its intention to transfer large numbers of its Palestinian residents to Arab nations...Eviction is a better avenue to stability. Will it happen? Probably not. Should it? Yes." (June 6, 2001, Jewish World view).

Not many people will be surprised that a fascist like Cal Thomas feels comfortable advocating 'transfer', another word for 'ethnic cleansing". The instructive thing here is that Thomas is considered a 'mainstream' journalist who is syndicated by the Tribune Media Service and appears regularly in the Washington Times and the Jewish World Review. He is considered a 'conservative' who still gets an invite to have a chat with Vice President Dick Chenney. So, you have to wonder if some of his conservative pals in high places share his 'visions' of expelling the Palestinians. Lets get one thing straight, if you believe in collective punishment, you are a barbarian beyond redemption.

Cal Thomas is not a 'conservative', he is a bona fide right wing extremist. He is Jim Jones on a bad hair day. I can hear him trying to coax the Palestinians out of their ancient villages "Come to me my Palestinian babies". What kind of poison are you going to mix in the Kool Aid, Cal? This sorry excuse of a human being has, so far, been considered just a bad joke; the only people who buy into his crap are Likudniks and guys who are waiting for Armageddon with ants in their pants. But now he has exposed his deeply held bizarre Christian supremacist views. His views, of course, are not original. They are views that were shared by another man, in another time in a place called Nueremberger.

If you want to get a handle on what Cal has in mind, go read the Nazi Nueremberger laws on Citizenship and Race passed by the Nazis in 1935. Go read about Krystallnacht. "This international unrest in the world would unfortunately seem to have given rise to the view amongst the Jews within Germany that the time has come openly to oppose Jewish interests to those of the German nation. From numerous places vigorous complaints have been received of the provocative action of individuals belonging to this people, and the remarkable frequency of these reports and the similarity of their contents point to a certain system of operation." Part of Hitler's Speech in the Reichstag on the Nuremeberg Laws, September, 1935.

Now compare Hitler's reasoning to Cal Thomas who complains that although "Most Arabs and Palestinians appear to be nonviolent" they need to be exiled because it "can be difficult to tell the difference". The only person who deserves to be exiled is Cal Thomas; out of mainstream journalism to the fringe right wing Nazi rags where he will find fellow travelers.

The 2500 Palestinians who have been killed in the three-year uprising for an independent Palestinian State are proportionally equivalent to five times the number of Americans who died in Vietnam. Logistically, an Israeli population of 5 million (minus Israeli Arabs) has to keep three million Palestinians under a curfew. Imagine the American Army having to put all of Mexico under house arrest under penalty of death, so that we can protect our 'American retirement settlements' in Baja.

The Palestinians have endured 34 years of Israeli military occupation that operates with two sets of law books, one for Israeli settlers and another for the Palestinian natives. It is, by any definition, a belligerent racist occupation designed to permanently alter the demographics to a level that would eliminate the creation of a Palestinian state.

Cal Thomas thinks the Israelis are 'soft'. Why occupy these people when you can evict them. In Cal's estimate, the Palestinians are just not the kind of folks who should have front row seats when the Armageddon fireworks start. He endorses Emanuel Winston's belief that no Arab country "trusts or welcomes the Palestinians…knowing full well their reputation for breaking agreements and conspiring against their host government".

So, if Cal wants the Palestinians out and there is no one to take them in, what next? I am certain that Cal, together with war criminal buddies like Sharon, can think up a 'final solution' of some kind, one that would bring a smile to the face of another man, in another time, cut from the same evil cloth.

If Cal Thomas had proposed deporting African-Americans, which he probably wants to do, he knows he would get his eyes plucked out. But it is always easy for a spineless low-breed bigot like Thomas to take a Hitler style swipe at the Palestinians. This creep needs to crawl back into the hole he came from and wait for Armageddon to come in its own sweet time. One last thing, keep that nut away from the kids. If your paper carries Cal Thomas, your kids will be constantly exposed to the kind of bigot who would have been kissing his Furher's derriere at Nuremberg.

Ahmed Amr originally published this article June 2001. It has been updated to reflect the massive increase in Palestinian casualties that can in large part be blamed on Sharon's willing enablers in the mass media. It should be noted that Rupert Murdoch is a big supporter of Cal Thomas and has given him his own show on FOX (AFTER HOURS WITH CAL THOMAS). Cal also writes a column that is syndicated in over 500 Newspapers". The religious views of Cal Thomas are often referred to as Dispensationalism. It is impossible to comprehend what animates American Foreign policy in the Middle East without getting a handle on the followers of Dispensationalism who have penetrated the highest levels of the US Government. Adherence to the doctrines of Dispensationalism include Vice President Cheney and Karl Rove. Bush is also a likely disciple of this school of thought. The political alliance between the Dispensationalist Evangelicals and the Likudniks of the Neo-conservative war party is not only dangerous for the Middle East, but also for the future of America. The more you probe this alarming alliance, the more you will understand the 'faith-based' policies that led the United States into a unilateral war against Iraq and why Bush gives Sharon a carte blanche to pulverize the Palestinians.

For more on the effect of Dispensationalism on the world view of the Bush Administration, we suggest you read 'Evangelical Christians and the Sharon lobby' By Jim Lobe


Ahmed Amr is the editor of NileMedia.com. This article can be published and distributed at will.