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October 25, 2003
We are back!

By Ahmed Amr.


Dear NileMedia Reader: We're back. Some of you will be happy with that news. Others will not. If you are happy, don't just clap your hands. Please consider pitching in by distributing our articles.

NileMedia encourages the reproduction and distribution of our articles. Articles by Ahmed Amr can be published at will, edited for brevity, edited for spelling and altered in logical flow. Feel free to improve the writing style. The author's ego is a personal problem he needs to deal with. If you choose to add to it, please take credit for your improvements. If the improvements are not minor, please consider publishing it under your own name, your cat's name or a nom de plume. If you don't know what a nom de plume is, don't fret. Publish it under your cat's other name. Article titles can also be changed at will.

NileMedia articles may be published in any medium. They can be plastered on billboards, published in newspapers, magazines or books. You are allowed to post them on web sites and blogs. They can be emailed, snail mailed, copied, faxed, translated or quoted. Feel free to circulate them as pamphlets or read them to mimes in public squares. Consider sending copies to your elected representatives, and the White House. They won't read it, but it will make you feel better. Send copies to your local paper. Challenge them to publish a single article.

The Internet remains the one possible arena where dissident voices can be heard by millions of Americans and others around the world. So give peace and justice a chance and do your part to spread the word.

As you can imagine, our message is not welcome in many quarters. So, we are on many black lists. If we offend anybody, please be aware that the offense was deliberate.

If you need to contact us, it will cost you. Because NileMedia's new home base is Alexandria. Yes Virginia, we mean the original Alexandria on the Mediterranean shore of Egypt. Why Alexandria? Because it offers cheap living and what more can a writer ask for.

Our phone number is 011 203 553-2662. Our email is nilemedia@aol.com.

Warm regards to our happy readers

Ahmed Amr

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