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October 20, 2004
Go sing where the sun never shines, George

By Ahmed Amr.


Go sing where the sun never shines, George
By Ahmed Amr
NileMedia Editor

Go on, George. Take the liberty challenge and go sing a song of freedom in Jabaliya. Walk among the survivors of that traumatized destitute refugee camp and do a solo gig. Gathered in the rubble, you will find a rapt audience ready to hear your take on whether they deserve God's blessing of liberty.

George, you never tire of saying that the author of freedom is not indifferent to freedom. But you seem quite careless in promoting liberty and justice in the Middle East. Why not set the record straight lest some casual observer conclude that you're not on God's side. After all, you wouldn't want the kids of Gaza to think that you were personally responsible for their misfortune.

Go on, George. Stop for a little visit in Jabaliya to chat with the parents of the 13 year old girl who missed her chance at experiencing the joys of liberty when Sharon's goons pumped her with 20 bullets - five of them to the head.

In case you didn't notice, that young girl had a name. Dedicate your performance to Iman Al-Hams. Get your wordsmiths to think of something clever to heal her family's pain. Maybe you can use the occasion to think up an original sound bite of your own for a change. Try to help her brothers and sisters cope with their grief. You're supposed to be good at that sort of thing. Give Iman's mother a hug and assure her you'll look into the circumstances that left so many American bullets in her little girl's skull.

Fire up the freedom train, George. Come tell Jabaliya exactly what you did to protect the Palestinians from four years of relentless collective punishment and arbitrary death. When you're done, take your act to Rafah and Jenin. Go on, George. Tell the residents of Gaza's teeming refugee camps that you had no idea about Sharon's war criminal past when you hailed him as a 'man of peace'. Plead ignorance and trust me - the vast majority will believe you.

Do it for Rachel Corrie, Mr. President. Do you even recognize her name? She was a dedicated freedom lover - the genuine article from Olympia, Washington. While rocking Gaza with your songs of liberty, take the time to visit the little spot in Rafah where an Israeli Army Bulldozer terminated the life of America's loveliest flower.

Go on, George. Sing an ode to freedom for a courageous young American who gave her life to protect Palestinians from incessant Israeli assaults. Bring your Likudnik neo-con choir to help you bellow your melodies.

Mr. President, one hundred and thirty Palestinians perished in Jabalya during the last leg of your campaign. Maybe you still don't read the papers but they reported that nearly a third were children - many killed in their own homes or while sitting at their class room desks. By the way, George, what exactly do they do with child killers in Midland? Why are the bloody goons from Tel Aviv exempt from Texas style justice? In Gaza, curious parents want to know.

George, you freedom lover you - always going on about the forward march of liberty. Just between you and me and the White House walls - do you really believe all the neo-con mantras they put in your mouth?

I don't mind if you're a liar and a hypocrite. I understand that the ability to mislead the great unwashed is a basic requirement of you august office - especially during an election season. But there are millions of anxious people around the world who spend sleepless nights worrying that you actually believe your own damn lips. Please figure a way to assure them that you haven't lost your grip on reality.

Can it possibly be that the president of the free world seriously believes that American foreign policy is focused on spreading the blessings of liberty? Not likely. Hell, you don't believe the neo-cons any more than they believe themselves. Is there anything more ridiculous than the concept of vile racist neo-con Likudniks posturing as Arab liberators. Is Wolfie of Arabia interested in promoting justice and freedom or in expanding the boundaries of Sharon's empire?

You're just a violent and angry man. Aren't you, George? You're just pissed off that 9/11 happened on your watch - a day after you ended a month long siesta at your ranch.

Listen up, George. For four years, you had a chance to promote freedom in the Middle East. But you had other priorities like bowing at the feet of Ariel Sharon, a serial war criminal. Instead of reigning in the fiendish monster - you encouraged his blood lust. George, the whole world wants to know what Sharon's feet smell like. Tell them, Mr. President. On that count, you certainly have more experience than your challenger. Kerry is still a novice at pampering the odious Arik.

So, give it up already, Mr. President. Instead of singing songs of liberty in Jabaliya, I suggest you practice the following lines from a little melody I wrote to dishonor you and your neo-con pals. It's called "Where the sun never shines". This one's for you, George. Go sing it in Jabaliya.

Where the sun never shines
You can find Bush and Dick
You can find Tony Blair
As their lone British heir

And the big Wolf howls
Should the sun ever shine
And he eats Colin Powell
When he's ready to dine

Condo leasing for whites
Where the sun never shines
Ari Fleischer's sound bites
Can be had for a dime

Ashcroft's taking our rights
With the new Patriot
So we don't stand a chance
For a day in his court

With Dick Perle at the helm
And Rummy at the wheel
It is dangerous to drive
Where the sun never shines

If you're searching for freedom
Or justice or peace
Don't go searching for them
Where the sun never shines

Ahmed Amr is the editor of NileMedia.com. This article can be published at will.

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