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Between the Lines [Archives]

By Ahmed Amr.


An urgent call to Europe
Are you a Sabra or a Shatila?
Dancing on Palestinian Graves
Lighting a flame for an Afghani Child
Toba or Taba
Elie Wiesel Must Respect Palestinian Memories
Unanswered Questions From The Gulf War
Media Titans Paint another Guernica
USA must stand up for Palestinian-Americans
Before you go, Madeleine Albright, et cetera
In Defense of the honorable Robert Fisk
Archives: the Achilles Heals of Media Titans
Amnesiac Amnesty forgets Palestinians
Gore should resign as Vice President
Gore rises to the occasion

Don't blame me, I voted for Nader
Barak controls level of violence
Nader, the only choice
FOX markets to Bigots and Racists