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December 16,2000
Barak's trap
By: Uri Avnery
Ehud Barak has set a trap for himself. And because he is brilliant, the trap was so good that he promptly fell into it. To quote Psalm 7 (16): "He made a pit and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made."

Hogging the Op-eds
Ahmed Bouzid, President
Palestine Media Watch
A few telling statistics: since September 28, 2000, the first day of the current Palestinian uprising, seven of America’s leading newspapers have collectively published a total of 153 op-ed...

An Israeli Milosevic
By Tait Graves

As has been widely reported, Israeli rightist Ariel Sharon's visit to Jerusalem's Temple Mount provided the spark for the latest uprising by Palestinians fighting for their independence.

December 7, 2000
Enough is Enough
By Edward Said

Hall Questions Clinton Administration's Criticism of U.N.'s Iraq-Based Humanitarians
Tony P. Hall
Member of Congress
..I have visited scores of nations where people suffer from hunger, malnutrition, disease, and other problems that often are rooted in poor decisions by their political leaders. I have met thousands of courageous people..

December 7, 2000
Charley Reese
The Orlando Sentinel
The right to criticize Israel
While we're over here, stewing about our election, the Israeli government continues to kill Palestinians and to strangle the rest economically simply because the Palestinians have the audacity to demand an end to 33 years of illegal and military occupation.

January 6, 2001